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150 responses to “Piercings

  1. Hey, I want to get my nipples pierced some time next week, My boyfriend wants to come with and I was wondering if he could be in the room while I get them pierced?

  2. Hi, I wanna get my belly button done, and I’m a minor with parental consent. What do I need to get it done, and how much would it be?

    • A navel piercing is between $35-45 ( depending on what jewelry you choose to be pierced with) and what you need is: parent or legal guardian must be present. Both you and guardian must have a photo ID with the same last name and address. A birth certificate is sometimes needed for authenticity. If you have any further questions, feel free to call us at 757-486-4658

  3. For tongue piercings is there a special person in the shop I need to make sure is there if I want to walk in and get pierced.

  4. I just would like to get my ears pierced. I want the traditional one hole per lobe piercing. How much would that cost? And do I need an appointment or is it okay to walk in?

  5. I want to come back and get my nipples peirced now, How much will they cost and can i use that coupon for standard above the waist, for my nipples?
    Also i wanted to get some color enhanced on my tatto on my lower back that i already have, do yall offer tatto & peircing combination special?

  6. Hi,I wanted to get my lip pierced with either bioplastic, some kind of glass/clear, or flesh colored stud to keep it inconspicuous, do you offer that kind of jewelry for the piercing?

    • We do pierce rooks. If you bring your own jewelry, we do have requirements. It needs to be proper length and material ( surgical stainless steel or at least 14k gold). If you get pierced using our jewelry, it is between $30-35 ( that includes piercing and jewelry)

    • You Must be at least 15. Both the legal guardian and person getting pierced need photo IDs, with matching last names and matching addresses. If you have any more questions, feel free to give us a call 757-486-4658

  7. I have three ear piercings , not cartilage, that are partially closed. Can you guys re-pierce them , and how much would that cost?

  8. Hi I was wondering at what age you can get a piercing without parental consent and what are the limitations on it?

  9. I’m looking into getting my nose pierced for my 17th birthday. I’m wondering what your method of piercing the nostril is at this particular shop and what kind of metal is used. I believe i am allergic to nickle from experience with earrings and want to make sure my piercing does not get infected

    • We only pierce with hollow needles and for jewelry, you have the option of getting surgical stainless steel or real gold. Also, being 17, you would need your legal parental guardian here with you and you both would need photo IDs that have matching last names and matching addresses. If you have more questions, feel free to give us a call 757-486-4658

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