Come see Ryan and Chris for all your piercings needs

124 responses to “Piercings

  1. Hey, I want to get my nipples pierced some time next week, My boyfriend wants to come with and I was wondering if he could be in the room while I get them pierced?

  2. Hi, I wanna get my belly button done, and I’m a minor with parental consent. What do I need to get it done, and how much would it be?

    • A navel piercing is between $35-45 ( depending on what jewelry you choose to be pierced with) and what you need is: parent or legal guardian must be present. Both you and guardian must have a photo ID with the same last name and address. A birth certificate is sometimes needed for authenticity. If you have any further questions, feel free to call us at 757-486-4658

  3. For tongue piercings is there a special person in the shop I need to make sure is there if I want to walk in and get pierced.

  4. I just would like to get my ears pierced. I want the traditional one hole per lobe piercing. How much would that cost? And do I need an appointment or is it okay to walk in?

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