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  1. I’m thinking about getting a scoop tongue piercing & was wondering if either of your piercers have experience doing them.

  2. I will be 16 in jan. and my dad was gonna let me get my lips pierced. can you guys do that? i looked threw the FAQ and i didn’t see lip piercings on there.

    • Unfortunately, for lip piercings, you must be 18 years old. We do offer a lot of other piercings that minors ( with their legal parental guardian present and both parties having photo IDs with matching last names and addresses ) are able to get! Come on in and we can show you :)

  3. I got my nipples pierced here back in octobe, and have been washing them twice a day, as well as using H2Ocean spray on them…But there are long periods alot of days where I can’t clean them, every thing seemed fine up until about a week ago i think I might have gotten an infection?(looks like a bubble at the piercing site. what steps could I take to counter act this?(with out having to remove the piercing permanently)

  4. also, I understand that this was probably a bad place to ask that question, so I would like to say to others who see my comment, THE SITE WAS VERY CLEAN AND THE PIERCER DID A GREAT JOB.

    • Everyone’s ear is shaped differently and therefore, some ears are not meant to have certain piercings. A helix can range from $30-35 each, depending on what jewelry you choose to get pierced with. You have to be either 18 on your own or 15 with your legal parental guardian ( you both need photo IDs with matching last names and matching addresses). If you have further questions, call us at 757-486-4658

    • We do not pierce under 15 years old. Once you are 15, you and your parental guardian must be present with photo IDs with matching last names and matching addresses. If you do no have matching on your ID, the IDs along with a valid birth certificate will work as well.

    • To get your navel pierced, you must be 18 or the youngest we will pierce a navel is 15 with your parental guardian present, and you both need photo IDs with matching last names and matching addresses.

  5. Hi there I was wondering if you were able to do a forward triple helix piercing like the one on the website link & what you would charge for it. Hopefully ill be in to see you soon. Thank you!

  6. Hey! So I’m 17 and my dad finally decided to let me get my nose pierced (I turn 18 in July, but couldn’t wait)! How much is a diamond stud piercing?

  7. My cousin and I are thinking about getting some piercings and was wondering how much it would be for a snug and a conch piercing?

  8. Hi, I was thinking about getting two surface piercings under my collar bone and I wanted to know how much those cost ?

  9. Hi, I was wondering if your piercers do double belly piercings? I already have the top done. I just want the bottom too.

  10. Hey I got my belly pierced a couple days ago and at first it was doing fine but now its been swollen 4 2 days and I can’t even rub soap on it…its all red …how long does it take 4 swelling 2 go down?? And what kind of soap should i use??

    • Hi Seppie,
      If you are having any kind of issues, we recommend coming into our shop so we can take a look at it for you ( Free of charge)and can help you from there. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 757-486-4658

  11. I’m coming from New York, do you have to make an appointment? and I want to remove my dermal and get a nose piercing. How much would that be in total?
    Thank you

    • You do not need an appointment for piercings but only certain piercers remove dermals so make sure to call ahead of time and make sure Chris is working. Our phone number is 757-486-4658. Dermal removal is $10 and a nostril is between $30-$35

    • It depends on what type of piercing you want on your back dimples. Our only piercer who does dermals and surface piercings is Chris and I recommend coming in and talking to him,. Call us ahead of time to make sure he is working. (757)486-4658

  12. I was wondering if you can pierce septums with a 14g or a 16g. Can you pierce with a septum retainer? And can you flip retainers and hoseshoes up so no one can see it?

  13. I was wondering if you guys did dimple piercings not dermals but actual through the cheek and if so how much and if not do you know of any place that does?

  14. I am 17, but me and my friends are all getting matching tattoos while we are on vacation, and would like to get them here. My grandpa will be with me, and he is my legal guardian. Can I do this here? :)

    • Depending on what jewelry you choose, each piercing would be between $30-$35 each and +$5 if you want a gem on it. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at the shop 757-486-4658

  15. i was wondering how old you have to be to get nippl epiercings? i have parental consent if that makes a difference? im only getting them done because i have an inverted nipple.

  16. How much does it cost to get ear lobes pierced? Also, is it possible to get double piercings on your ear lobes at the same time, or is that not recommended?

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